BMW 3.0 CS 1975

معلومات عن هذه السيارة الكلاسيكية BMW 3.0 CS 1975

The BMW E9 is a range of coupes produced from 1968 to 1975. The line first debuted with the 2800 CS model, as a luxurious grand-tourer, made to carry BMW’s new M30 inline-six SOHC engine. Designed under Wilhelm Hofmeister, however it isn’t surprising to find Bertone’s design influence, since Bertone designed the BMW 3200CS in 1961, a V8, which would eventually become the 2000CS, a four cylinder, and then the E9. 

The 3.0CS does a masterful job of deceiving the eye. It was and still a truly beautiful car, the body was built by Karmann, the forward-angle nose made it look like a shark, the pillarless windows, low waist line and the very slim chromed pillars created a light, simple and elegant image, it was aimed at the luxury market. The straight-six continued the BMW tradition of a single overhead cam and the extra 200 c.c. over the earlier 2800 model had been obtained by simply increasing the bore from 86 mm to 89 mm, which gave an increase to 180  bhp, at 6,000 rpm. The power raise shortened the 0-100 km/h to 8.0 seconds and the top speed became 132 mph. When Autocar tested it in 1971, it praised the car's free-running engine, ease of control and friendly handling. "A quiet, very comfortable, express transport. It scores over some of its competitors in being more compact and practical as a town car, while still very fast and manageable as a main road express. We thoroughly enjoyed driving it, and its appearance aroused admiration wherever we went in it.” 

The 3.0CS started a new era for BMW coupes. It was one of the masterpieces of the 70s. On the road, the CS was highly praised for beautiful style amazing straight-6 engine, elegant interior and everyday usability. In the motorsport world, its racing version 3.0CSL dominated the touring car scene during the decade.


Our BMW 3.0 CS in the showroom was purchased by the owner and CEO of Nostalgia Classic Cars in 2014 and he kept it in his personal collection. Our restoration team upgraded the interior, restored the body and has maintained the car in our own workshop. It comes with a 5 speed manual gearbox and has 35,757 kms on the clock.



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