Mercedes Benz 3,4 AMG CE300 1991

Details about this Classic Car Mercedes Benz 3,4 AMG CE300 1991

Nostalgia Classic Cars is pleased to showcase Mercedes 3,4 AMG CE300 1991, one of 25 ever produced, with automatic transmission and 115,609 km.

Nostalgia Classic Car has a great, rare pleasure to present you a true jewel in our offering, a one of just 25 made 1991 Mercedes-Benz 3.4 AMG CE300. This scarce coupe came from the era when AMG was an independent tuning house specialized in modifying Mercedes-Benz cars in extremely limited numbers. This automotive rarity is painted in dark grey, and features AMG bodykit, 17“ three-piece aluminum AMG Monoblock rims, and most importantly, thoroughly modified and upgraded engine and the mechanics. The interior features special Recaro leather power seats, burl woodwork trim, as well as a four-spoke steering wheel wrapped in Alcantra leather, and top of the line period audio unit. Its 3.4L AMG-tuned engine produces 268 horsepower, has 115,609 kilometers on the clock, and is mated to an automatic transmission unit.

Mercedes-Benz C124 300CE-24 coupe served as the base for this rare conversion. In stock form, the car's 3.0L M104.986 engine produced between 217 and 228 horsepower, but after leaving AMG's workshop, it had 268 horsepower at 6500 RPM. The car also featured upgraded suspension, ehxaust and brakes, as well as a custom bodykit which greatly improved the aerodynamics. As the result, the 3.4AMG could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, with a top speed upwards of 250 km/h.

This elusive power coupe is one of the finest representatives of the independent AMG era, and is a sought after collectible as much as it's a pure driver's car. Equally valued among the collectors and enthusiasts, 3.4 AMG is a rare gem that fills us with the utmost pride!


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