Ford Model A 1929

Details about this Classic Car Ford Model A 1929

Gearbox: Manual

Cylinders: 4

Engine: 3.3 litre

Mileage: 54,818 miles


Nostalgia Classic Cars is thrilled to showcase this remarkably restored piece of automotive history. The Ford Model A, from 1929. Although the car was first produced on October 20th, 1927, it was not for sale until December 2nd. Production lasted until March, 1932, until it was replaced by its successor, the Ford Model B. The Model A had replaced the Ford Model T, which was in production for 18 year. Around a year after the Model A’s release, on February 4th, 1929, one million vehicles were sold, and by March 1930, the sales of the Model A reached three million, with nine body styles available! From the mid 1910’s until the mid 20’s, Ford conquered the automobile market with the Model T. During the mid 20’s Ford’s dominance over the market started to fade due to competitors, especially General Motors, catching up with the mass production system that was the cause of Ford’s dominance. Not only did they start mass producing vehicles on an assembly line as well, but also since the designs were newer, internal specifications surpassed those of Ford’s Model T. When Henry Ford’s sales team started to warn him of the imposing threat, he initially ignored it, although seeing more and more vehicles on the market, he finally had no choice but to admit that the Model T was in need of a better, upgraded, more efficient replacement vehicle. The Model A that we here at Nostalgia Classic Cars are pleased to exhibit is that vehicle. Such a vital piece of history for the automotive market it is a must have for any true classic car collector.


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