Pontiac Grand Le Mans 1976

Details about this Classic Car Pontiac Grand Le Mans 1976

Gearbox: Automatic

Cylinders: V8

Engine: 350 cu in

Mileage: 70,073 miles


Perfectly restored, the flashy red paint, with the white soft top convertible match perfectly with the tires/rims of the car which match the exteriors paint, and roof, a truly beautifully matched pair.


General Informaion:

The Grand Le Mans, which is the luxury version of the Pontiac Le Mans, was introduced as an upgraded, more luxurious version of the Le Mans. A bigger size than the previous models, the bulkiness really adds to the aesthetic beauty of the car, and works well with the new rectangular headlights that Pontiac designers decided to go with for this model.

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20,000 USD

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