Mercedes Benz 190 1960

Details about this Classic Car Mercedes Benz 190 1960

Gearbox: Manual

Cylinders: 4

Engine: 1.9 litre

Mileage / Kilometrage: 59,316 km

This beautiful black car with its folding-fabric sunroof has been recently restored to the bare metal internally and externally.


General Information:

The Mercedes-Benz W121 was introduced in 1956, powered by a 1.9 liter M121 engine. It sold as the Mercedes-Benz 190 through 1961. The 180 continued to use the 56 PS (41 kW; 55 hp) M136 engine from the Mercedes-Benz 170 Sb until 1957, when it received a down tuned version of the 190's M121. The 180-190 and W128/W180 220 - 220 S 'Ponton' models looked very similar in appearance, but the longer bonnet (and wheelbase) and chrome touches identified it as an upscale, six-cylinder model.

The 180-190 four-cylinders were widely used as German taxis.



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