Chevrolet Deluxe 1939

Details about this Classic Car Chevrolet Deluxe 1939

Nostalgia Classic Cars is pleased to show the 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe. Manufactured and marketed by Chevrolet, this was the most expensive, and top of the line luxury passenger vehicle available from the automobile company at the time.

Made as a successor to the Chevrolet Eagle, the Master Deluxe’s production lifespan ran from 1933, until 1942. Until 1937, this marque of Chevrolet was just called Master, until 1937, when Chevrolet decided to produce a higher end, more luxurious version of the Master, dubbing it, the Master Deluxe. The Master Deluxe is the exact model we here at Nostalgia Classic Cars are pleased to show you!

With 75,296 miles on it, as well as a sleek black elegant paint job, and a visor on top of the windshield, this Master Deluxe somehow pulls elegant and mean together to create a truly beautiful, perfectly restored automobile that is extremely valuable to the collector.


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75,296 miles

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