Ford Model T 1923

Details about this Classic Car Ford Model T 1923

Gearbox: Manual

Cylinders: 4

Engine: 2.9 litre


Nostalgia Classic Cars is pleased to offer this historical piece of engineering, the Ford Model T, 1923! This automobile is seen as the first affordable car, and the pioneer that led to the gigantic boom of the automotive industry. First produced in 1908, this was the first ever car to be produced on an assembly line, rather than individual hand crafting, this is part of the reason that the car was so affordable at the time, and allowed common civilians to start using automobiles. Awarded the most influential car of the 20th century in the Car of the Century competition, there have been 16.5 million Ford Model T’s sold up to this day, making it one of the most sold cars in history. The first Model T was produced on August 12th, 1908, and rolled out of its Detroit, Michigan factory in late September. Just 19 years later, Henry Ford himself witnessed the 15 millionth Model T finishing productions, in 1927. Not only was the Ford Model T marketed as a car that was able to be mass produced on an assembly line, but also allowed for interchangeable parts, meaning that every time something broke down or needed fixing, it was easily done, rather then paying extreme sums of money to have someone determine the problem, and create a solution to fix it.



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