Plymouth Barracuda 1973

Details about this Classic Car Plymouth Barracuda 1973

Nostalgia Classic Cars is pleased to showcase the 1973 Plymouth Barracuda, the final generation for Barracuda’s. During this specific generation of Plymouth’s line, designers decided to do away with the fastback styling, and totally redesigned the exterior of the car, making it look a bit more modern. While still a success for Plymouth, during the late 1970’s consumer trend in purchasing automobiles started to lean towards buying lighter, smaller, and sportier cars. The barracuda being a large muscle car, could not keep up with the market trends of the time, and while truly a beauty, Plymouth decided to discontinue the line, and made 1974 the last year of the Barracuda’s production. 19, 281 vehicles were produced in the year 1973, and with 72, 783 miles driver on this hardy vehicle, this is a great car for the collector. Whether in a showroom, or the road, this is a highly sought after automobile, that is really a lucky find!


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