Maserati Shamal 1994

Details about this Classic Car Maserati Shamal 1994

Nostalgia Classic Cars is proud to introduce one of it's jewels, Maserati Shamal 1994. 

The Shamal was introduced on 14 December 1989 in Modena, when Maserati president and owner Alejandro de Tomaso showed it to the press. It was the last model announced under the De Tomaso ownership.

Shamal – a hot, strong northwesterly summer wind that blows in total freedom over the Mesopotamian desert - this is the name that Maserati gave to their new sports car. Designed by the Maserati Design Center in collaboration with ex-Bertone stylist Marcello Gandini, a genius who was behind of the design of the Lamborghini Miura and many others, the Shamal shares design elements with some of his most radical creations. Only 369 examples were ever produced.

For maximum performance, Maserati selected a V8 configuration. The new, all aluminum engine featured an 80mm bore by 80mm stroke, dual overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, state of the art twin water cooled IHI turbochargers, and a Weber/Marelli electronic fuel injection and ignition system. The parts used to create this marvel of an engine are so great that they can be compared to that of the Ferrari's hallowed 288 GTO and F40 supercars. The sophistication continues with the suspension system which employs a system of interacting levers to ensure that the wheels always remain completely square relative to the road surface. This high-tech system was developed in direct partnership with Koni. Maserati developed a new 'Ranger' differential, which was capable of sending all available power to just one half-shaft, leaving zero torque on the other, allowing the power to be utilized where it was needed most. Maserati claimed that the system offered traction comparable to that of four-wheel drive system. The ingenious systems resulted in an incredibly well handled and braking car, regardless of the road surface, allowing the driver to really wring out all 326hp and 320 ft. lb. of torque. 


Nostalgia Classic Cars is proud to offer this most exclusive modern Maserati with a six-speed manual gearbox and 61,316 kilometers on the clock.

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