Studebaker President 1934

Details about this Classic Car Studebaker President 1934

Gearbox: Four speed manual transmission

Cylinders: 8

Engine: 4,103 cc

Mileage: 2,357 miles

Nostalgia Classic Cars has the pleasure to present you an undisputed legend from a bygone era a Studebaker President 1934. It was kept in a barn for the last 36 years.


General Information:

The Studebaker President was the premier automobile model manufactured by the Studebaker Corporation of South Bend, Indiana (US) from 1926-1942. The nameplate was reintroduced in 1955 and used until the end of the 1958 model when the name was retired.

The early Thirties were difficult years for Studebaker, but the audacious and stunningly beautiful Land Cruiser brought Studebaker the attention it needed, and between that and the innovative new models it was based on, brought them back into the black.

In 1934, ninth-ranked Studebaker came out with a daring new design. Heavily influenced by the Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow of 1933, the avant-grade Land Cruiser was available in the Dictator, Commander and President series.

Other innovative styling features included the horizontal louvers on the hood sides, spare tire integrated into the body shell and fully-skirted rear fenders.

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