Chevrolet Corvette 1982

Details about this Classic Car Chevrolet Corvette 1982

Nostalgia Classic Cars is pleased to exhibit the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray from 1982, the last of the third generation, and an end of an era for the Corvette Stingray before Chevrolet went with a totally remodeled look in 1983. A classic bright red coat of paint that perfectly complements the corvette is laid upon this vehicle, with the car sitting on chrome rims that add to the finesse of the car. With 60, 757 miles on it, this hardy Chevrolet still has plenty of life on it left to go. Since the first Corvette in 1953, up until present day, Corvette has had, and is currently on their seventh generation. The third generation of Corvettes, also known to car enthusiasts as the Stingray, starting from 1968, until 1982, are arguably the most iconic, and noticeable looking models that Chevrolet has ever produced, probably the reason that the third generation of Corvettes lasted the longest, and are the most sought after.


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