MG B 1963

Details about this Classic Car MG B 1963

Gearbox: Manual

Cylinders: 4

Engine: 1.8 litre

Mileage / Kilometrage:: 22,252 km


General Information:

A two door sports cat that was manufactured and sold by BMC, short for the British Motor Corporation. The MGB marque was a replacement for the BMC’s MGA, which ceased production life in 1962, and allowed for the birth of this beautiful English automobile, the MGB Roadster. The MGB was 3 inches shorter then its predecessor, with the wheel diameter being reduced from 15, to 14 inches. Softer suspension, resulting in a smoother drive, and a larger engine, giving this 2-door roadster a higher top speed were just a few mechanical advancements from the MGA, to the MGB. With 23,308 MGB roadsters being produced in 1963, and probably not many surviving until today, and being restored to such perfect condition, with only 22, 252km on it, this is a great car for the collector, that we here at Nostalgia Classic Cars are pleased to bring you.


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65,000 USD

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