Pontiac Firebird Formula 1974

Details about this Classic Car Pontiac Firebird Formula 1974

Nostalgia Classic Cars is pleased to display the 1974, Pontiac Firebird Formula edition. The second generations of Firebirds, lasting in production from 1970, until 1981, were muscle cars from Pontiac with several editions, or “trims,” as Pontiac deemed them. Totally reshaped from the first generation of Firebirds, replacing the classic, “coke bottle,” shape, was a more modern look, with the renown “shovel nose” front end of the car, that classic muscle car enthusiasts all recognize. Painted in red, to perfectly match the Firebird name, with 67, 118 miles on it, there were 22, 583 Formula edition Firebirds produced in 1974. The word “Formula,” is painted on the back, with classic American muscle fans knowing the meaning of the word, and the special trim that comes with this marque of Firebird. Restored to perfection, and functioning beautifully, this is a great addition to any collection.

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