Packard Clipper 1946

Details about this Classic Car Packard Clipper 1946

The Packard Clipper is an authentic piece of automotive history, restored to perfect condition, this is truly a beautiful machine piece of art. With 88,890 miles on the car, the bright orange coat of paint with a matching color on the dash is unique, yet astonishingly luxurious. The chrome finishing, and details on the Packard Clipper are among the most noticeable in car history. The Clipper was very innovative for the time, and strayed from the norm concerning the exterior body. Unfortunately for Packard, the Attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II came, and placed Packard at a very unstable marketplace, not giving them the correct market to thrive, as they should. The grille, hood details, door handles, body trim, back bumper, side mirrors, rear bumper, and even the dash on the inside are all perfectly rechromed. The orange on the interior is striking when paired with the chrome details. This is the perfect classic car for someone looking for a truly unique piece of historical mechanical art.

45,000 USD

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