Mercedes Benz SL230 1965

Details about this Classic Car Mercedes Benz SL230 1965

Nostalgia Classic Cars is thrilled to exhibit this gorgeous, beautifully restored 1965 Mercedes-Benz 230SL. Complete will 4 wheel drive, and a perfect restoration job, this is a lucky find for any classic car collector whether a novice, or a veteran.

The car had its first premier in March 1963, at the Geneva Auto Show. With Mercedes going out on a limb as far as the exterior body was concerned, this was a great success. Up until 1963, previous Mercedes-Benz automobiles were styled in a much different shape, with more rounded curves to make their cars more distinct from others. The SL was the first time the automobile manufacturer used a more “boxy” styling system, with the car not looking so curvaceous, which ended up paying off tremendously.

The interior of the 230SL is absolutely gorgeous as well, that at the time, was much better than the interiors of Benz’s competitors, with leather that only seemed to add to the elegance of the brand, and dashboards complete with beautiful gauges to really set the Mercedes name in place for years to come.

The specific unit we are pleased to bring you has 81, 141 km on it, and is in great condition, with a perfect restoration job done to it, being four wheel drive, this is an amazing car to take out for a joyride, or to have in a collection, or showroom.

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Four wheel drive (4WD)
Automatic Gearboxes
81,141 km

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