If the term Sports Utility Vehicle became popular in the 90’s, then Lamborghini was the reason it was created! For anybody who was aware of the Automotive seen in the mid 80’s, the “Rambo Lambo” was an iconic vehicle. It was a military truck that Lamborghini shoved a Contach’s engine in; and boy was that a vehicle! Let’s quickly go through the specs.

  • Almost 5 meters long, 2 meters wide, 2 meters high and weighed close to 3 tons!
  • 450 ponies pushed this behemoth to a 100 KPH in almost 8 seconds. 

Now some of you might say “Well the Bentayga is as big & can do that in half the time!!”  Well, true… however, there are 30 years separating them, if anything, the Bentayga should do it quicker!

The LM002 was a classic car with some futuristic technology. Pirelli had to create massive special tires for it, that had exotic materials then such as Kevlar. Tires that were supposed to carry the car to a 100KPH off road, or run flat without shedding a tear.

It is even by modern standards a hell of a car! and I had the pleasure of feeling what it can do just by passing you at full throttle. 

I remember it as if it was yesterday, Corniche road in Abu Dhabi, cool winter night, and 6 weber carburetors  sucking the atmospheric pressure while the exhausts probably causing the first earth tremor that the UAE had witnessed.

With around 300 LM002 vehicles ever created, this car would be quite an investment to have, and if you are in the United Arab Emirates, then look no further than Dubai, for there is one available at Nostalgia Classic Cars. The newest & probably one of a kind showroom in the Middle East.

And what better choice would it be? It’s a Lambo, It’s Classic & it’s extremely rare!​