Nostalgia Classic Cars has the utmost pride to offer you the quintessential coupe from the American Space Age, a 1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. This iconic fintail beauty has just 23,270 miles on the clock, and is painted in gorgeous candy blue with a white roofline, a color combination that highlights its beautiful curves and lavish chromework. Its equally luscious interior is finished in matching blue and white leather. Huge, opulent, and gleaming, this Cadillac DeVille was the best America had to offer in its most extravagant period, and we have that whimsical piece of history right in our showroom! Don't have any second thoughts and book your appointment to witness its greatness and let this Caddy steal your heart!

After WWII, the fifties where years of untamed optimism that resulted in the peak of creativity in many fields of design. Everything was inspired by the space race, from buildings, furniture, to fashion and, of course, cars. Googie design was perfectly embodied in Cadillacs of the late fifties: curvaceous body styles were richly adorned with chrome, and tall rear tailfins with bullet-shaped lights were the most iconic in the industry. More than any other cars, these Cadillacs looked like big, luxurious land rockets, with an innumerable amount of details that made them stand out from the competition.

Today, 1959 Cadillac DeVille perfectly embodies the spirit of Americana: a bit camp, but completely ostentatious and outlandish. It starred in numerous movies and music videos which permanently engraved it in pop culture iconography as the definitive part of the American dream.