Nostalgia Classic Cars proudly presents you the definitive piece of American automotive history, a fully restored 1929 Ford Model A. This pre-war convertible was painted in vibrant green with black fenders, which makes it beautifully break free from Fords “in any color as long as it’s black” mantra. This Ford Model A Roadster is no ordinary two seater: it comes with a foldable rumble seat, one of the most distinctive features on pre-WW2 cars. The interior is finished in black leather, and the engine has just 54,818 miles on the clock. This important piece of history can be yours, so book an appointment at Nostalgia Classic Cars and let this good old Ford amaze you!

After the hugely successful Model T, Ford introduced the successor by the name of Model A in 1927. Between 1927 and 1932, Model A was built in almost forty different body styles, and almost 5,000,000 left Ford’s plants. Initially, Henri Ford wanted to continue with producing the Model T, but competition soon caught up, starting to mass produce cars as well. That’s when Ford realized that he has to introduce a new car, and that was Model A. The car was a big step forward, both aesthetically and mechanically. Apart from being produced in four colorways, Model A was prettier and more convenient than its predecessor, and the most notable mechanical improvements were standard controls, and an updated 4-cylinder engine. Model A was also the first car to have a safety glass in its windshield, and rearview mirrors were an option.

Although its production numbers werent as large as those of the Model T, Ford Model A left a huge impact on the industry and in the following years, on car culture too. Today, Ford Model A is equally appreciated as a stock, modified, or even hot rodded example.