Classic cars… There is something about their immortal lines that will appease our lives. Especially for those of us who consider themselves as automotive buffs.

When design was about the form & not the function, when fuel economy & emissions was unheard of, when curved sheet metal were made on an English wheel, when everything was handmade, when everything had a soul!

Nothing beats the curves of a Gullwing SL, a Miura, or the 275 GTB. It’s an era where we dare call cars “Sexy” & “beautiful”, characteristics that we would only use for a human being of the opposite sex.

Those lines were the reasons for new companies such as Singer Vehicle Design & ICON 4x4 in the united states, in which cars are hand restored from the ground up; with the help of futuristic technologies to fabricate classical components.

And now, at the heart of Dubai. A new company by the name of Nostalgia is opening its doors to a 1,000 square meter, first of its kind in the middle east showroom. With another 500 square meter restoration workshop in development stage.

But unlike other companies, Nostalgia is not asking for a high premium for their cars, if there is such a term as “Affordable Classic Cars”, then Nostalgia has coined it! 

Paving the way to classical car enthusiasts’ masses of the middle east, to fulfil their dreams of owning a classic car, or to restore ones they already have.


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