Nostalgia Classic Cars is thrilled to present you this gem of a power roadster, and a superb modern take onthe greatest American legend, the BackDraft Shelby AC Cobra. The AC Cobra started its life thanks to racer and constructor Carroll Shelby, who made the perfect 1960s race car by mixing AC Ace’s bodyshell with Ford’s venerable V8 engines. The original number of Cobras was highly limited, which prompted companies to give their takes on this legendary classic. Based in South Africa, BackDraft Racing is one of the most prominent companies making AC Cobras, and our showroom is graced by one of their cars.

This BackDraft Shelby AC Cobra features Glass Reinforced Plasticbodyshell finished in gunmetal grey metallic with two light grey racing stripes giving it the familiar racing look. With retro-looking racing rims, side draft tailpipes and minimal amounts of chrome, this Cobra is both elegant and menacing.The interior is also all about performance, with a beautiful period correct three-spoke wooden steering wheel, a long shifter handle and a fire extinguisher between the bucket seats finished in beige leather. Under the hood, there’s a Ford Racing V8 crate engine which guarantees phenomenal performance and ferocious acceleration. This fantastic car is a part of our permanent exhibition, and it is not for sale, and that shouldn’t stop you from visiting our showroom and finding a classic car just for you.