With the utmost pride, Nostalgia Classic Cars Dubai presents you the definitive Prancing Horse from the nineties, a 1993 Ferrari 512TR Testarossa. Named to celebrate the legendary 1957 250 Testarossa racing cars with iconic red cylinder heads, the 512 Testarossa had the same feature on its mid-mounted 4.9L flat-12 engine. The original 512 Testarossa was introduced in 1984 as a replacement to the Berlinetta Boxer 512i, and it ceased production in 1991. Its successor was the 512TR which received a significant power bump, revised and improved transmission, as well as some changes in the interior. Known for its role in cult TV show Miami Vice, the 512 Testarossa is an instant icon and a car that can't be unnoticed both for its drop dead gorgeous looks and unforgettable sound.

The Ferrari Rosso 512TR Testarossa that proudly sits in our showroom is an awe-inspiring car in so many different ways. First of all, it’s a perfectly preserved 55.346km example in the most iconic, most attractive color for a Ferrari, with beautiful five-spoke rims finished in white guarding its ventilated brake discs with red brake calipers. Second, it’s an upgraded 512TR version with 428 horsepower, enough for 0-100 km/h sprint in 4.8s, and a formidable top speed of 313.8 km/h. The cockpit of this amazing machine is equally impressive, and it is finished in black leather, with the original three-spoke sport steering wheel and a gated shifter, an exemplary detail of this wild era. Today, the 512 Testarossa is one of the most coveted Ferrari’s modern classics, and it is also a fantastic investment piece, so whether you’re into preserving or enjoying this jewel of a car, you should definitely bring it home with no hesitation.