With utmost pride, Nostalgia Classic Cars presents you a perfectly preserved 1965 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S with just 5.530 miles on the clock. First generation Barracuda debuted two weeks before Ford’s insanely popular Mustang, and while it didn’t achieve the same sales numbers, it gained cult status for its striking design. The Barracuda was conceived as a fastback coupé based on the Plymouth Valiant, and its main feature was a concave rear windshield which gave the car a fresh breath of ‘60s Italian exotic flair. The first generation Barracuda was produced from 1964 to 1966 and was powered by three engines: 170 cui and 225 cui slant sixes, and a 273 cui V8. Later on, this pony car evolved into the most legendary Plymouth muscle car, so the 1st-gen Barracuda holds a special place in American automotive history.

The 1965 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S from our showroom is a 273 V8 example with racing gearbox. As it’s a Formula S model, its 273 Commando V8 has a power output of 235 horsepower, which makes this lightweight car extremely agile and exciting to drive. The car is finished in beautiful light blue with discreet white striping gracing the hood and the trunk of the car. The perfectly preserved interior comes in blue, complementing the exterior of the car. To enhance its driving performance and safety, as well as sporty looks, the car has been equipped with a roll cage too. This Barracuda is a rare example of a time capsule of a car, an immaculate example of a desirable Formula S package. Whether you choose to drive this classic American coupé or you plan to keep it as an investment piece, you’ll do no wrong because this Barracuda is one of the best examples you’ll find worldwide.