Nostalgia Classic Cars is proud to offer you 1959 Ford Thunderbird, fully restored several months ago, with 81,183 miles on the clock. The year 1959 is widely known as the wildest year of car design of the fifties, with dramaticfin tails and excess of chrome, and the Thunderbird was a car that also caught the crazy wave of the endlessly optimistic Googie design. After the two-seater first generation, the second generation Thunderbird was manufactured from 1958 to 1960. This generation gained rear seats, adding a full-size feel to the otherwise midsize car. With this addition, the second-gen Thunderbird became the car to expand what was later called a personal luxury class. In short, these cars were opulent, spacious and luxurious two-doors with a very strong image and equipment to make the person behind the wheel as comfortable as possible. As a car that practically created one of America’s most loved market segments, the Thunderbird is the definitive 50s Ford classic.

The 1959 Thunderbird from our showroom has been stripped to bare metal and professionally restored several years ago. It was returned to its original condition and finished in white paint which perfectly highlights all its distinctive curves and extensive chromework. A classic and universally loved color combination for the Thunderbird, the interior is in striking red color, and it’s also in perfect condition featuring all the original parts. Finally, this 1959 Thunderbird is powered by a 352 cu in Ford FE V8 engine with a respectable number of 300 horsepower and glorious soundtrack coming from dual exhaust pipes. A true gem of the late fifties, this Ford Thunderbird is your best chance to relive the Space Age years of America in their full glory.