Nostalgia Classic Cars has a rare pleasure to present you one fine piece of American machinery, a restored and customized 1946 Packard Clipper. Repainted in vibrant orange and bumperless, this beautiful Packard has been additionally streamlined in great fashion. During the restoration, all chromework was completely restored and that includes the simplistic, yet astonishing art deco dashboard chromework. The striking look of this amazing two door sedan just wouldn't be complete without proper whitewalls, which turn this Packard Clipper into a breathtaking, and truly unique package.

Since the early days of American automotive industry, Packard has been among the greatest and most influential companies to come from the USA. Company's model Clipper was built in several intervals: from 1941 to 1942, 1946 to 1947, 1953 to 1955, as a separate marque in 1956, and as a Studebaker-Packard in 1957. When it was introduced in 1941, Packard Clipper brought a design breakthrough, but the optimism was cut short by the Pearl Harbour attack, after which all civilian car production had to be stopped in favor of building military machinery.

Due to a lack of unfortunate events, the sleek Packard Clipper didn't have the time to conquer the market as it deserved. However, decades later, its ahead-of-the-time bodystyle, sleek, elegant lines, and beautiful chromework captured the hearts of vintage car enthusiasts worldwide, which made Packard Clipper a desirable classic. That's why Nostalgia Classic Cars takes pride in featuring such a wonderful piece of American automotive history.